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Visioning and Environmental Planning Services, Beloit, WI

The Visioning Committee included citizens from throughout the Beloit region, agency and local government officials, transportation engineers, and representatives of local social service agencies. Bay Ridge Consulting devised a program in which the committee, over a series of three facilitated meetings, was introduced to the issues and processes of long-range transportation planning, generated goals and objectives to guide the Beloit area’s transportation system development over the next 20 years, and reviewed and endorsed a final set of suggested goals and objectives to be forwarded to the SLATS policy committee.

Specifically, Bay Ridge Consulting developed and implemented a series of large- and small-group exercises to help both experts and citizens identify broad issues in transportation planning and their relationship to land use, economic development, and environmental stewardship. BRC compiled and analyzed the results of a brainstorming exercise and facilitated discussion and endorsement of a final set of recommendations for the long-range transportation plan. In addition, Bay Ridge Consulting researched public involvement and environmental justice practices and drafted an amended Public Involvement Plan for the agency. Participants in the visioning exercises conducted by Bay Ridge Consulting expressed high rates of satisfaction with both the process and results, particularly regarding the participation of members of the public not normally involved in transportation planning.

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