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Southeast Side Area Plan, Milwaukee, WI

The Southeast Side Area Plan process combined data analysis with the results of intensive public participation to enable area stakeholders to articulate perceptions, aspirations and goals for the community.  Bay Ridge Consulting collaborated on the planning efforts for Milwaukee’s Southeast Side Area Plan. Specifically, Bay Ridge Consulting worked with city staff and stakeholders on:

  • Interviews with key stakeholders;

  • Field visit and tours with project leadership and stakeholders;

  • Community visioning workshops to help neighbors, business owners and public officials identify issues facing the area, articulate a vision for their redeveloped neighborhood, and outline priority issues and opportunities for the neighborhoods;

  • Identifying nationally recognized, successful model projects and program strategies as references or starting point to further local discussion, organization and actions;

  • Continuous engagement of a small contract management team that invested many hours keeping the plan on track;

  • Work with a plan advisory group that provided a reality check before any work was made public.

  • Focus groups to refine catalytic projects identified for the area;

  • Public open house with neighbors, business owners, elected officials, property owners, and committee members to view project exhibits, review the final draft of Plan, and view a study slide show of the Plan;

  • Analysis, summary and organization of public input; and

  • Content for the plan document.

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