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Downtown Plan Update – Milwaukee, WI

The City of Milwaukee is preparing area plans for the entire city, including an update to the 1999 Downtown Plan. The prior plan helped to guide development over the past decade and is now in need of review and update. Bay Ridge Consulting assisted with the planning efforts for the downtown plan by conducting focus groups to discuss issues and opportunities for downtown Milwaukee.

Specifically, six focus group meetings were conducted to assess concerns and gather input on what is perceived to be needed for a successful Downtown Milwaukee. Groups consisted of downtown residents, employees, business owners, development strategists, cultural/tourist destination affiliates, and supportive/affordable housing affiliates. The groups commented on issues related to downtown image, housing, retail, economic strategies, employment and transportation. In addition to conducting the focus groups, Bay Ridge Consulting analyzed, organized and documented the discussions and presented the results to the contract management team.

Through the planning process that included substantial and meaningful stakeholder involvement, Bay Ridge Consulting helped to create a blueprint for a possible future for Milwaukee’s Southeast Side.

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