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Milwaukee Downtown Transit Connector Study, Milwaukee, WI

The Milwaukee Downtown Transit Connector Study is an Alternatives Analysis (AA) project designed to identify, examine and evaluate alternative transit systems that will link together Milwaukee area attractions, hotels, residential areas, shopping and business locations within the study area for the benefit of visitors, workers, tourists, shoppers, residents and students.

Bay Ridge Consulting’s role has included preparation of various reports and technical input to the operations planning, cost estimating, financial analyses, station siting, yard and shop site selection, and public involvement. BRC’s major contribution has been to serve as a report editor and quality assurance reviewer for more than half of the technical documents.

The study framework is built around a number of defined project goals and specific objectives. The goals and objectives helped to define study alternatives, which were then evaluated and assessed using evaluation measures directly related to the established goals and objectives. How well each alternative does or does not help achieve local goals and objectives will play a major role in the selection of a locally preferred alternative.

Study activities include land use and development opportunities, transit engineering and operational studies, traffic and transportation impact analysis, preliminary environmental impact analysis, and community outreach and involvement.

The Milwaukee Downtown Transit Connector Study builds upon previous planning studies, and will provide information of the benefits, costs and preliminary impacts of alternative strategies leading to selection of a locally preferred alternative that may be pursued during subsequent stages of project development.

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