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MMSD 2020 Facilities Plan - Water Quality Initiative

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) provides wastewater, flood management, and environmental services to 28 municipalities in the greater Milwaukee metropolitan area. MMSD is currently undertaking a major facilities planning effort known as the 2020 Facilities Plan. Because the 2020 Facilities Plan involves taking an in-depth look at current infrastructure, performance expectations, and anticipated regional growth, planning efforts are expected to continue over the next five years and will include considerable citizen involvement. The plan focuses on a “watershed approach,” which uses watershed drainage boundaries, public input, and strong science to address watershed issues, while balancing environmental protection, economic sustainability and prosperity, and quality of life issues within the watershed.

In addition to providing wastewater services, MMSD, in conjunction with area stakeholder groups, plans and oversees projects to reduce the risk of flooding in six Milwaukee-area watersheds (Milwaukee River, Menomonee River, Root River, Lake Michigan Drainage, Kinnickinnic River, and Oak Creek) in order to protect its sewer infrastructure. Other MMSD functions include water quality research and laboratory services, operating household hazardous waste and mercury collection programs, and involvement in various environmental partnerships.

Bay Ridge Consulting is contributing to MMSD’s 2020 Facilities Plan by planning public involvement activities including developing study approaches, internal and external committee engagement and coordination, and advising on environmental justice. Specifically, Bay Ridge is:

  • Planning and facilitating meetings of a Citizen Advisory Council responsible for drafting proposed goals and objectives for the long-range plan, a forum for elected officials to discuss the Water Quality Initiative, and a Technical Advisory Team.

  • Drafting a survey and analyzing its results to determine the attitudes of the public, elected officials, and water experts on water issues and improving water quality in southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Coordinating a series of major Public Information Meetings to generate citizen input on water quality goals and objectives.

  • Drafting a series of public information documents including newsletters, newspaper inserts, and fact sheets to generate citizen interest in the Water Quality Initiative.

Because MMSD’s 2020 Facilities Plan is based on public involvement, Bay Ridge Consulting’s work in these areas will have a direct and lasting impact on the region’s efforts to improve water quality over the next two decades. 

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