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Amtrak Station, General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, WI

The Milwaukee Airport Rail Station Study analyzed the feasibility of constructing an Amtrak station near the airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The purposes of the proposed rail stop are:

  • To provide an Intermodal Transfer rail passenger stop to serve air-rail transfers and commuter park-and-ride – rail transfers,

  • To promote better use of existing transportation investments through additional rail passenger use in the Milwaukee to Chicago corridor, and

  • To provide an alternative to automotive travel between Milwaukee and Chicago.

The project included a platform and passenger waiting building adjacent to Canadian Pacific Railway Main West (Number 1 main) where daily Hiawatha trains in both directions between Milwaukee and Chicago (currently seven round trips daily) stop to pick-up and discharge passengers.  Railroad track, turnout, and signal improvements increase train speeds to recover time spent in stopping at new platform. Existing airport remote parking spaces are used for the park-and-ride needs, and an access roadway brings shuttle buses from airport terminal to the stop, and permits kiss-and-ride passenger drop off and pick up.  Minimal maintenance landscaping consistent with existing upland prairie plants compliment the new construction.

Bay Ridge Consulting’s role in the study was to develop the public participation plan, materials and activities as well as to evaluate environmental impacts, site options, and costs associated with the development of the rail stop.

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