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Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee Commuter Study, Milwaukee, WI

The Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee Commuter Link Study (KRM) is exploring options to improve mass transit between southeastern Wisconsin’s three largest cities. With a focus on establishing a commuter rail link along the lakeshore, KRM is engaged in station area planning for transit oriented development at eight sites, completing detailed market analysis with a substantial public participation component at each.

Bay Ridge Consulting collaborated on the station area plan for a proposed transit station in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. Specifically, Bay Ridge Consulting:

  • Conducted a market analysis detailing local conditions for residential, commercial and office development on Milwaukee’s South Side; this included demographic, zoning, land value and economic analyses of numerous factors affecting the redevelopment of the proposed station area.

  • Developed and implemented a stakeholder involvement plan, conducting key stakeholder interviews and two public workshops to help neighbors, business owners, elected officials, city agencies and institutional representatives enumerate issues facing the area and articulate a vision for their redeveloped neighborhood using the proposed transit station as a catalytic project.

  • Analyzed and organized public input.

Combining rigorous data analysis with meaningful stakeholder involvement, Bay Ridge Consulting helped to create a blueprint for a possible future for the Bay View neighborhood and Milwaukee’s South Side.

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