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Transport 2020 Public Involvment, Madison, WI

The Madison area Transport 2020 study has made a preliminary recommendation for a regional transit system Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). The advisory committees concluded that the LPA should build upon the current transit system and include new transit modes in the future. While focusing on a study area at the heart of Madison’s heaviest travel corridor, the study investigated transportation needs in the greater Madison metropolitan area. The LPA integrates enhanced local bus service and expanded regional express bus service with a new commuter rail system.

The LPA includes a commuter rail system that would use the existing railroad right-of-way with its main trunk running along an east/west route from Greenway Center to East Towne. The regional express bus service would also provide service and would be expanded to connect suburban areas with local bus transfer centers, commuter rail stations, and downtown employment centers.

In order to complement the commuter rail and the regional express bus service, the local bus service would be reconfigured with a new bus-connector route through the central city that would serve the commuter rail system. The bus-connector route would later be converted to an in-street-starter-rail service with the subsequent replacement of buses with light-rail vehicles. Future visions for the transit system in the greater Madison area include an expanded commuter rail system that would extend to outer communities.

Bay Ridge Consulting has supported the public involvement program by preparing project newsletters, preparing PowerPoint presentations, participating in committee meetings; preparing press releases, and documenting public involvement activities.

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